DSAM Client Reviews:
Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance has been doing a wonderful job keeping my aquarium clean and much better looking than when I tried to do it myself. The owner had many great ideas for me to use and once I let him add his own personal touches, he really blew me away. My guests are always impressed by my large reef tank and our lovely saltwater tank. Everything looks like it is glowing with life now. Patrick has always been on time and very professional. I trust him with my home, and have never had a problem with his service. He is a true expert that has helped me continue to improve and expand my aquariums. I highly recommend DSAM service, you won't regret it!

Santa Monica
I was unhappy with the service provider I had been using to maintain my reef aquarium. I went online and looked around and found DSAM. I called Patrick and he returned my call right away. He came over to assess my aquarium and he pointed out issues including aesthetics which had never been related before. To be brief, I am ecstatic with the level of consciencious and consistent service that I am getting. Recently, the chiller stopped working during a heat wave. I called Patrick and he gave me some measures to follow until he come to see things first hand the next day. Patrick was as good as his word and has continued to exceed my expectations for service. He is very communicative and takes the time to explain things to me , a non-technical person. I feel like a miner who has struck the motherlode of superior service. In short, Patrick is cares and is not all about the $ like the previous provider. Highly recommend.
My aquarium is now very stable.

Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance did a great job coming out and installing my brand new 120 gallon reef tank. They were quick, professional, and reasonably priced. Plus my reef tank looks awesome! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to set up a reef tank.

Seal Beach
it is ironic that i am posting this message. The reason being is i was acknowledging how great everything in the tank looked tonight. The corals were all vibrant, healthy and colorful.. the fish are all healthy and colorful also. I have had a salt water aquarium for 5 years. Over the span of these years, i have used 4 different services to maintain my tank. The best and most reliable service has been from Patrick at Deep Sea Aquariums. His attention to detail is unbelievable. His approach to maintaining the tank is cost efficient and reliable. Patrick is reliable, knowledgeable, and honest. I recommend him and his services to everybody that has an aquarium

Long Beach
Patrick from Deep Sea has maintained my saltwater aquarium since 2007. He is always on time and does an excellent job keeping my saltwater tank looking beautiful. I have had other aquarium service companies in the past but none of them have the high standard that Patrick has on how my aquarium looks. He also delivers all my aquarium supplies and picks out healthy fish and corals for me. I highly recommend Deep Sea aquarium maintenance over any other fish service in my area!!

I recently decided to convert my pond to a habitat for fish and was lucky enough to find this company in the phone book. I tend to be pretty skeptical of yellow page listings, but when Patrick came out and assessed my situation (at no charge), he impressed me with his honesty and sincerity. He returned calls quickly and showed up when he said he would (or called). When he was finished, I was delighted with the results. I would definitely recommend him.

Patrick is very professional. Upon shopping around, his price was comparable to other competitors, but the products he uses (ie: filter, tank, etc.) are way better quality (professional grade) than the others so you get more for your money. We trusted him to design our fresh water tank without any of our input and it came out amazing!!! We are extremely happy and definitely recommend him!

Huntington Beach
The last thing you need if you own an aquarium (of any size) is a leak. Recently our home aquarium sprung a leak. We discovered the leak when we got home from work at about 6PM. Thumbing through the yellow pages we ran across Deep Sea Aquarium. Patrick was knocking on our front door within 2 hours and 1 hour after that, the leak was fixed temporarily until he had more time to gather the necessary parts to fix the leak permenantly.  Patrick takes the time to service our aquarium with each visit. He analyzes our water and leaves us with a daily/weekly schedule to follow to keep our tank and fish it tip-tip shape.
Deep Sea Aquarium is a class act, they care about what they do and they care about the people they help. Two thumbs up for Deep Sea Aquarium.

Trabuco Canyon
I had Patrick come out and help me move my aquarium. He was really professional and extremely helpful. I would recommend him to any of my friends.

Newport Beach
Patrick offered exceptional, economical, and friendly service. He moved my aquarium today from the Newport Coast to Huntington Harbor, and all went as smooth as I could have hoped. I give Patrick and his company the highest reccomendation.

Patrick is the man! From the first time I called Deep Sea Aquarium and asked if they could take on the task of moving a custom 175 gallon saltwater aquarium and he said no problem, I knew he was the right guy for the job. He has since proven me right by creating a masterpiece in my living room. He treats the aquarium as if it's his own and it shows. Very knowledgeable and always there when I have a question. He's always on time and very reliable. Some people are lucky enough to like their job but Patrick seems to love it and it shows, A+ all the way!

Beverly Hills
As a property manager of high end homes, I have worked with my share of aquarium maintenance professionals. Hands down, Patrick is the best we've had. Cordial, professional, positive, solution oriented and fair.

Long Beach
Patrick is so knowledgeable about Aquariums. We have a salt-water reef tank that we had a number of aquarium people service and were having major problems. We spoke to our Fish person and he recommended Patrick. Our tank is now pristine and in the 3 years, we have been using Patrick we have lost only 1 fish and that was because he jumped out of the tank. Not only is Patrick knowledgeable, he is also extremely professional. We would recommend Patrick to anyone who either has a tank or is considering getting a tank

Long Beach
Patrick is the best! He is curteous, knowledgeable and loves what he does. Always available to help, he brought our pond back to life after several years of dealing w/ leaks and a faulty waterfall. It is now one of the most enjoyable spots in our home. Our koi are very happy and so are we!

Long Beach
First off: I would trust Patrick, the owner, with my house keys. Very honest, reliable (always on time), knowledgeable and professional. His rates are reasonable as well. Never had better service. Our fishtank looks just fab!